Every Day by David Levithan 

  • Started reading this book immediately after I finished Please Ignore Vera Dietz. The story revolves around A who wakes up everyday in a different body ever since his/her existence. There is no saying as to whose body will A occupy next. The person may be a boy or a girl, or a homosexual, and would be all in the same age. All A knows is that after midnight, he/she will be in another body, living that person’s life for a day, able to access that person’s memory. Everything was routinary and A follows the rules he/she set for himself so that he/she could keep a low profile. That was until he occupied Justin’s body and met his girlfriend, Rhiannon. And from then, A was desperate to spend more time with her, which was rendered impossible due to his situation.
  • I am halfway through this book, and yet, somehow, I couldn’t quite get myself hooked with the story. Maybe because the idea of love at first sight isn’t something I believe in. It’s like A’s interest on Rhiannon is stalker-ish bordering on obsession. Plus, I also feel bad for A because I couldn’t picture someone living like him/her. How could you even call that a life? So I stopped and didn’t force myself to continue. I put it aside, and maybe I’ll finish it later

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

  • And so, this is the book I picked up instead. I am just past two chapters and right now, I am not in the place to relay what the book is all about since I barely even know, myself. All I can tell you is that the author is very secretive about the characters, the events, and the place where the story takes place. But one thing is for sure, I am hooked from the very first page. The way the author talks to the reader is very hilarious and personal. Also, the way the author holds back on giving us more information about the book, yet failing to do so is quite enjoyable to read. I think I would be able to finish this today.
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