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Thirteen Reasons Why

What would you do if you have the chance to know the reason why your friend died? Would want to hear it or would you rather not care? How would you react when you realize that you are one of the reasons why she took her life? Can you take the guilt, hearing her voice, knowing that you could’ve saved her? 
In Jay Asher’s brilliant novel, Clay Jensen have had these questions. His friend, or should I say the one he loves, Hannah Baker, committed suicide. But that is not the worst part. The thing is, Hannah left 7 tapes behind containing the thirteen reasons that led to her decision to end her life. Thirteen sides of an interconneted story. Thirteen tapes for thirteen people. Thirteen lives about to be changed for good.. or worse. 
I think that it’s so amazing how the author came up with one book that actually talked about a lot of important issues regarding teenagers. Most people think that teenagers are nothing more than misunderstood, almost-adult-yet-still-too- young beings. They do not know how things go and happen in our lives. In this novel, we see how one action can lead to another that would eventually lead to repercussions that are almost impossible to fix. This novels brought out things that are common to almost everyone who experienced being a teenager. Bullying, gossip, rumors, sexual abuse, betrayal and lies. These are some of the things that are well explored in this book. We see how the tiniest thing could affect someone who is already experiencing too much. Sometimes, we think that the things we do are just for fun and messing around. We don’t know the darker side of things. That in other people’s minds, these things are hurtful and very much personal. This is a very inspirational book and a must read for all.

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